I have a new phone/tablet, do I have to pay again?

If you stay with the same operating system, and the same Google, or Apple account: no.

If you are using Android:

There are two versions of the app on Android: the free version is called Salsa Anywhere, the payed version is called Salsa Anywhere - Pro. Make sure you download the correct version on your new device. (You can check in Google Play, under My Apps which version you had before.)

After installing it, tap 'Buy more videos' and you should see that your old purchases were restored.

If you are using iOS:

Just download the app from the App Store. Tap Unlock, and tap Restore. Your previous purchases will be restored, and you will not be charged!

I switched from iOS to Android (Android to iOS). Do I have to buy again?

Unfortunately yes. Google and Apple don't allow the transfer of purchases, or in-app purchases between their app stores.

I have an iPad, and the videos don't have sound. What can I do?

Watch this video and follow the tips they give: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDf1LDcE95Q

Are my imported videos shared with anybody?

No. Your imported videos are not uploaded or shared with anybody.