A Salsa Festival in your pocket

Download and learn over 300 salsa and cha-cha combinations on your smartphone or tablet!

Main features
Learn tons of salsa figures!
  • 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • 6 styles: on 1, on 2, cha-cha, cuban, man styling, lady styling
  • 90 Figures for free
  • 300 Figures in total with in-app purchases
Our video player knows salsa!
  • Jump to any basic in the video.
  • Play back step-by-step.
  • Leading tips.
  • Back view and mirror view for shines.
Import your own videos
  • Import your private videos from classes or congresses.
  • Step-by-step playback for your imported videos.
  • Never loose a video again: categorize them by style and level!
  • Share your video with your friends!
Practice sessions
The app can help you to practice with a partner!
  • 4 different music speeds.
  • Peter will count and calls parts of the figure.
  • It's like having your private teacher!
Your Teachers
Peter Fige and Dorota

Peter and Dorota have been teaching and performing all over Europe, and are known for their unique and innovative teaching style for leading and following, musicality and spins. They created the Salsa Anywhere app to bring you world-class salsa instruction in a portable form.

Brian and Mechteld

Brian is one of Holland’s best salsa dancers, he is in particular noted for his creativity on the dance floor. Brian has a unique style and never refuses a challenge. He eats, drinks and lives salsa.

Mechteld has many years experience as a ballet dancer, choreographer, entertainer and with theatre dance. She participated in countless national and international dance competitions.

Clau and Luke

Clau and Luke are well known for their breathtaking, emotional performances blending several dance styles into a unique form. They are well trained in several genres of dance besides salsa such as jazz, modern, afro, contemporary, house, hip-hop, locking, acrobatics.

Our Reviews

"2 thumbs up! Very nice app, excellent moves."

"Wow, just the app I needed, great teachers great app."

"Best salsa app I've seen thus far... Weather you're a beginner or just looking to learn some great new combinations, this app is major helpful! Great job, devs!!!"

"Awesome! Good idea, great implementation, clean interface. The stepping feature makes this app a really useful help in learning the figures."

"Great value for the money Great videos and nice combinations. Watching it step by step is a very useful feature, wish every salsa app had it!"

Support and feedback

Find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

If you need any help, or if you have any feedback or suggestions, you can contact us in email at info@peterfige.com .

If you run into any problems or crashes, please contact us in email. We cannot directly reply to comments and reviews of the app.

If you are interested in helping us by testing the newest, not yet released features, just drop us a mail at info@peterfige.com with the type of the phone or tablet you own.

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